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Three buildings. One place for excellent care. Village Pointe Medical Center serves as a convenient extension of UNMC Physicians. Here, you can make an appointment with physicians so knowledgeable, they're training the next generation of doctors. Leading doctors close to you - that's UNMC Physicians at Village Pointe.

Hank Rausch, a retired youth camp director, is living life with much less back pain thanks to treatment he received from Dr. Tom Brooks, UNMC Physicians Pain Medicine Clinic at Village Pointe.

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Now Offering Colonoscopy and Colon Cancer Screening

Now Open - Endoscopy Center

One of the nation's top gastroenterology programs as ranked by U.S. New and World Report now offers colonoscopy screenings at Village Pointe Medical Center. A common procedure, a colonoscopy screens for the majority of colorectal cancers.

110 N. 175th Street
Omaha, NE 68118

Internal Medicine (General), Psychiatry, Vaccine and Safe Travel
Suite 2000, 402.596.4411

Ear, Nose and Throat
Suite 2700, 402.559.5208

Eye Specialties
Suite 2700, 402.596.4600

Pain Medicine
Suite 2600, 402.596.4200

OB/GYN (The Olson Center for Women's Health)
Suite 2800, 402.596.4500

111 N. 175th Street

Cancer Care, Gynecologic Oncology
Suite 2000, 402.596.3100

Suite 105, 402.596.3330

17617 Burke Street

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery

Contact one of our physicians to make an appointment: Call 888.898.8662
UNMC Physicians Has 170 Physicians Reecognized as Some of the Best in America

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