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Pain Medicine Clinic

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Our pain medicine programs offer a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis tailored to each individual and the severity of symptoms. We minimize your pain, restore your physical function and get you back to living your life.

After suffering a job-related injury, Theresa Law thought her life was over. She saw doctor after doctor, and tried treatment after treatment. Nothing worked. But after a family friend referred her to the Pain Management Program at The Nebraska Medical Center, all that changed.

Back Pain

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We also treat chronic joint pain and pain related to cancer at our pain medicine clinics.

Pain Management Program

The Pain Management Program is an interdisciplinary treatment program that involves three components occurring simultaneously:

  • Physical Therapy and Physical Reactivation
  • Medication Management
    • Three week program
    • Four week program
  • Psychological and Social Considerations

If you have questions about the Pain Management Program please call 402-559-4364. The attached brochure includes more information on the program.

Contact one of our physicians to make an appointment: Call 888.898.8662

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