LASIK: Cataracts & Monovision

Will LASIK make me need reading glasses?

People in their 40s often begin struggling with focusing on really nearby things, independent of whether they've ever had LASIK. Just because you had LASIK at 25 therefore, doesn't prevent you from having the same problems focusing. Your ability to see farther away — which was improved by LASIK years or decades earlier, should remain intact. 

What is “monovision?”

Instead of requiring glasses to see both near and far, the issue can also sometimes be alleviated by one eye being corrected for seeing things closer and the other for farther way. This decreases the necessity for both near and distance glasses. This can work for patients older than 40 trying to skip out on glasses completely.

Can there be a problem with my eyes 20 years from now because I had LASIK?

Normally, the answer is no. People have been getting different forms of what we now call LASIK (a type of lamellar refractive surgery) since 1949, without issues.

Can I have cataract surgery if I need it in the future?

Yes. You can learn more about cataract surgery. It is essential that the lens remains transparent in order for clear vision. When cataracts occur, the lens becomes cloudy or opaque, preventing light from passing clearly to the retina. Cataracts often occur as a person ages but can develop as a result of other medical conditions. The cateract surgery technique used will not change. However, your lens implant will be calculated using a different formula.

Will having LASIK prevent me from developing other eye diseases?

Unfortunately not. LASIK does not change the normal aging process of the eye. Therefore you're just as susceptible as anyone else to cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or any other eye condition. LASIK doesn't cause or prevent an eye disease, nor does it hinder something in the future from being treated.

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