What are some of the side effects of LASIK surgery?

Is LASIK painful?

Not normally.

Drops numb your eyes before the procedure begins, which eliminates the pain.  Some people do feel a tinge of pressure as a flap is being made in the cornea, but actual pain is almost never felt.

Soreness tends to occur in the hours immediately following surgery. That soreness is normally handled through some over the counter Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

My eyes are so sensitive that I can't even stand the puff of air when I'm having my eyes tested, let alone allow anyone to touch them. I have nightmares about it. Is LASIK even an option for someone like me?

It's not uncommon to squirm at the notion of someone touching your eyes. In fact, it's natural to protect our eyes. That's why when operating on your eyes our Nebraska Medicine team uses topical numbing medications that help dull those reflexes. We also work hard to keep you comfortable through the procedure - which keep in mind lasts merely a few minutes.  

Despite everything you say, I still feel like I'm far more sensitive than the average person. Aren't there just people like me who are simply too sensitive for LASIK?

Nearly everyone assumes they must be more sensitive than average. There's never been a patient in our time practicing who could not get LASIK due to being too sensitive.

Has the LASIK procedure ever caused complete blindness?

Not once despite millions of procedures across the globe. The risk of vision after LASIK being worse than it was before the procedure is less than 1 percent, and most of those issues are correctable with glasses or contacts if needed

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